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Instructional Guide


Using Clickers in the Classroom


1. Open the CPS application:

Click the CPS link cps icon usually located on your desktop.  You can also select it from your Programs list or Application folder is you are in a Mac.


2. Activate the Receiver:

a) Select Settings from the File menu and choose Delivery Option.b) Insert CPS Receiver into an available USB port.
c) Select the Receiver tab and click Detect CPS Receiver button.

detect receiver

d) Once you have received a message that the receiver has been detected click OK to exit this window.


3. Select the file or lesson that you will be using for this class:

a) Select the Engage tab.

b) (+) Expand the Database(.cps) folder to find the file or lesson you will be using.

c) Click the checkbox to the left of the file or lesson that you will be using.

    expand folder


4. Engage the students:

a) Click Engage in the ribbon.


b) Type the Session Title, Class, and select whether or not you wish to have responses exported to an Excel sheet by selecting “Export to Question grid”.

verbal question setup

c) The CPS floating toolbar (see below) should appear along with your PowerPoint file.  If your PowerPoint file doesn't open, just browse to locate it and open it manually. 

floating toolbar

To make sure all the clickers are working and students learn how to use them. Select the Class button on the CPS toolbar and choose Take Attendance.  Then click the Start button in the bottom right of the screen.


All clickers report in, the clicker number will change to a brighter color. Once all clickers have reported in, choose the End button. 

d) Select the button Verbal.

e) Click Start. Wait for all clickers to respond providing gentle reminders for those students who are still thinking about the question.

f) Click End the question and discuss the results.

g) Close the graph by clicking the red X in the top right corner.close

h) Advance to the next slide as determined by slide or animation properties.  You can also use the PowerPoint slideshow navigation buttons which will appear in the bottom left corner of each slide when you mouse-over it.


5. Finish the lesson and Exit CPS.

a) Close the engage toolbar by clicking the red X in the bottom left corner. close

b) Choose the Exit CPS button.




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