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Teaching and Learning with Clickers - Best practices

Preparing your quizzes

Create challenging questions. It is better to have a few (10 to 12) challenging questions per lesson than to have many easy questions that may not engage students or encourage them to think critically.

Administering the Quizzes Using Clickers

Give students time to think. When using clickers to present new material,students need extra time to reflect and develop their responses. As such, it may be advisable not to use the timer in the first few lessons.

Encourage students to collaborate. To maximize opportunities for student collaboration, you should encourage students to exchange ideas and opinions about the question before they respond using the clicker. Alternatively, you may have a number of students share a clicker. In this way, they will have to collaborate with their partner(s) in order to form a response.

Discuss the results of the responses. After you collect the results of students' responses, and give them the right answer to the question, it is best if you take the time not only to explain the correct answer, but also to explain why the other options were incorrect. This helps students fully understand any gaps in their knowledge or thinking.

Stimulate discussion using polls. You can even create questions for which there may be no 'right' answer. In such cases, you can use the clickers to poll students' responses in order to stimulate discussion and raises awareness of a particular issue.

Assessing students' performance

Use clickers for informal review only. A student pilot group indicated that they prefer to use clickers for reviews or informal assessments. It is not recommended that you use clickers for formal assessment (tests or exams).


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