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TurningPoint AnyWhere is a software application that allows you to conduct polls using content in your preferred format: web browsers, PDFs, Word documents and more. You choose. No preparation necessary. Use your existing presentation or materials for easy, instant polling in any application. This product overlays any program you have running on your computer or can be simply used with verbal questions. If you wish to use clickers with your students and don't wish to modify your existing presentations AnyWhere is a good solution.

TurningPoint® (for PC or Mac)

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Where AnyWhere is seen as the basic set of tools for using response cards with your students, TurningPoint (previously called "TurningPoint 2008") takes those same tools and integrates them into PowerPoint. Additionally, TurningPoint adds a host of preset slides, analysis and report options.

TurningPoint offers you the ability to create new, and adapt existing PowerPoint presentations while allowing you to collect personal response data. Be sure to plan well for how and when you will use TurningPoint or AnyWhere.

Consider starting small and attach it to a strategic activity in an attempt to better achieve a learning outcome. For example, if your students are not gaining interpersonal skills required of their potential employers, use TurningPoint or AnyWhere to transition students from anonymous responses, to named responses, then onto open engaged discussions.

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Moodle Integration

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Two areas that can cause laborious effort for instructors are setting up participant lists and grading polling data. However, VCC's Moodle learning environment features a plugin (available in every course*) that allows instructors to import participant lists to AnyWhere or TurningPoint from Moodle, and export polling data to Moodle, where it's assembled as a quiz. Consider asking students to come up with strategies to connect classroom activities to resources and activities in Moodle.

* Moodle integration is not currently available in VCC's Moodle environment. However, we hope to have it available, soon. Please contact dlsupport @ vcc.ca for more information.


TurningPoint's legacy documentation page has more information on these and other products.