How to Proceed


Learning Online

Learning online is a rewarding and challenging experience for many. It is different from most other distance learning modes of instruction in that you become part of a community of learners in a particular subject. Different from the traditional “independent study”, you will be logging on to your course website with fellow learners and your instructor, participating in asynchronous on-line discussion, and perhaps working in collaboration with others.

If you haven’t participated in an online course yet, you may want to browse through some of the resources located in the "Using Moodle" block, located at the side of your course homepage. The "Using Moodle" block also provides information as to how to be successful in an online course and much more.


Course Sequence

To accommodate a variety of learning styles, the course structure allows you to choose how you want to study for this course. Even so, you may still find that it is helpful to follow the sequence identified in the Units. If your style is to work back from the assignments to the content or you want to focus on areas that are of greater interest or where you have a particular need to develop more knowledge and skills, you can choose to do this.

The Moodle Web Environment

The Website serves two rather different purposes. Its main purpose is that it contains information, activities and readings to guide you through this course, as well as offering the opportunity to interact with other learners in the discussions. Secondly, it opens a world of additional resources to you through the embedded links.

In similar courses, some learners have printed out all of the Website content at the beginning of the course. This has some advantages and disadvantages in an online course. Because this is a Web-based course, it is designed to exploit the dynamic features of this medium. We do make changes to the Website well before you are scheduled to study the relevant sections, but some items, such as URL's (Website addresses) that may be updated or discovered by participants, will be added during the course.

Discussion Forums

News Forum -This is a public discussion topic that is available to all learners. It is used to post important information of a timely nature such as a notice about a 2-day absences, a change in a website addresses (URLs), the names of students assigned to small groups, and so on. Postings and responses may be made by the instructor or learners.

Question and Answer Forum - Both instructors and learners can post questions about course content and processes in this public discussion topic at any time; likewise the instructor or learners may respond.