Creating a Web Page in Moodle

Here are the steps you need to follow to create a webpage in Moodle:

1. Log into your course and select “turn editing on” which is found near the top right corner of your course. (See example below.) 

editting on

2. In the topic or week in which you would like to create a new resource, select the "Add a Resource" button and choose "Compose a webpage". 

compose a web page

3. The following screen will appear. In location number 1, Type the name to the link that students will see in the course page. In location number 2, either type or paste copied text from any source. (Depending on the source, you may have to edit the text.) 

edit compose page

4. You can also use the Toggle feature on the toolbar to enter HTML code. 

enter html code

5. After you have decided what text to include in your page, use the "Window" section of the page to determine how the link will open. It is customary to use a "New Window". Feel free to experiment with navigation blocks, window size, etc. The best practice is to maintain consistency in your course by ensuring that similar links (ie. webpages) open the same way, and contain the same window features. 


6. Once done, save your changes by clicking the "Save Changes" button at the page.

7. A test page will open showing you how the page will look when a student opens the link. If you wish to edit the page, use the "Backspace Key" to go back to your webpage.