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Moodle Support:
Single Signon Overview


December 5, 2008

Dear VCC Moodle users,

We are currently working to streamline and synchronize our Moodle user account creation and login processes. This project would involve bringing Moodle back inside the now stable VCC network and re-establishing the AccessVCC portal ( as the gateway to Moodle.

The outcome will be that all Moodle users (students and employees) will enter Moodle by way of AccessVCC. An "Online Courses"  button will be added along side the existing buttons  (My Services, Library and Email) and this will take users directly to their "My courses" page in the Moodle application without the having to login to a separate Moodle account as it is today.


Five key advantages of implementing this streamlined process include:

    Synchronizing AccessVCC and Moodle login accounts (both Student and Employee) - Users will no longer need to manage two different login profiles (Moodle and AccessVCC accounts). The user's AccessVCC login accounts will be used as Moodle's user account (i.e. Network username for employees and Student ID for students).

Students not having to contact Helpdesk for Moodle password resets - Because the VCC Student ID and Moodle user accounts are now synchronized, students will be able to reset their Moodle passwords themselves 24/7. The student password reset is currently available at the AccessVCC login page.

    Increased awareness of the services offered through AccessVCC - All users will be exposed to other services offered in AccessVCC for students and employees respectively.

Instructors will be able to give students access to their courses and without having to rely on eLearning Support - When a user logs into AccessVCC and clicks on the "Online Courses" button, an account will be automatically created in Moodle. This will enable instructors to offer access to their course by using the "Enrolment key" feature in Moodle. Students will be given a link to the course along with a one-time enrolment key which will give them direct access and enroll them into the course.

Students and instructors will have access to “learn to use Moodle” resources - We have been assembling resources to help students and instructors understand how to use Moodle for their own particular uses and will be offering easy access to tutorials, courses, and support links. 


Want to know why?

This is the result of the user’s internet service provider (ISP) as each ISP tracks every page you access in its memory so that it will be faster to download the same page the next time you view it. This is called “caching” and different ISP’s (Shaw, Telus, etc.) renew their caches’ at different intervals. Once the users ISP renews their cache, the user will then have access to the new Moodle configuration.


Here are the steps instructors will need to follow to ensure students will have access to their courses:

 Step 1.  Learn how to “Set an Enrolment Key for your course” to allow your students access:

 Step 2.  Customize the “Online Course Access Form” that contains the course access information, and send it to your students:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you will not be able to update the login information for your students, be sure to delegate this work to someone who can to ensure students in the January term will have easy access to their courses.


Please email DLsupport @ if you have any questions or concerns.



Robin Popow
Instructional Associate,
Centre for Instructional Development

Shona Moody
Distributed Learning Support,
Centre for Instructional Development



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