Moodle Support: Update your personal profile

Every Student and Teach has their own personal profile which can be edited to display information about yourself. This is an important step towards creating a rich online learning environment.

Caution regarding the sharing of personal information:
You can add any information as you desire in this area however, please be advised that information that appears on the Internet can be downloaded and stored on someone else's hard drive indefinitely. Having said that, your ID number, telephone numbers, and address can only be viewed by your instructor and site administrators.

How to edit your profile:

  1. Select the link containing your name (note that this link appears in many places however the easiest place to find it is at the upper right area of your screen)
  2. Select the "Edit profile" tab

When you click the Edit profile tab, a number of fields are displayed, some of which are required and some of which are optional. The First name, Surname, and Email address are pre-completed and should contain accurate information. Note that the City/town default for all users is set to Vancouver to respect the wishes of those who may not wish to share the actual information.

Email display

Email display allows you to choose the following options from the drop-down list:

email display dopdown list illustration


  • hide your email address (if you want someone in the same course to email you, you have to provide the address to him or her).
  • allow everyone (make it public - not a good idea).
  • allow only those in the same course to see it, which is the best if you want other students to be able to send you messages.

Email activated

This allows you to select weather or not you will receive email notification of discussion forum and news posts.

enabling email drop-down list illustration

  • If you choose "This email address is disabled", you will not be notified of forum activity.
  • If you select "This email address is enabled" however, you will be able to track new discussion forum posts in your email instead of having to login to course each time.


When you access the Edit Profile page you will be required to add a short description about yourself using the HTML editor.

profile description illustration

More information about the use of the HTML editor will be available later in the course however you may access it now at:

Picture of (Upload a new image to your profile)

To replace your existing profile image with an image from your computer follow these steps:

  1. Select the Delete check box.Select the "Update profile" button to complete the removal of any existing image.Select the "Browse" button to locate a desired image from your computer. Note: Be sure the file for the image you want to use is less than 8 MB in size.
    Enter a description of the image (your name if it is an image of you).
  2. Select the "Update profile" button.

update image illustration

Note: Be sure to select the "Update profile" button at the bottom of the page to save any changes that you make in the Edit profile page.


Problems seeing your picture?

If you do not see your picture, press the reload or refresh button on your browser toolbar, or press F5 to refresh your page.