Web Browser Requirements and Settings

Recommended Browsers

A browser is used to display a webpage on the internet. In fact, you're using one right now. As of 2012, the most commonly-used browser is Google Chrome, followed by Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft's Internet Explorer, and Apple Safari.

Mozilla Firefox is recommended when editing a course in Moodle, although as of Moodle version 2.2 (installed at VCC in August 2012), you may find that the other browsers mentioned above will work equally well when editing a Moodle course.

Note: For Moodle courses still running under Moodle 1.9 or earlier, Opera and Safari will not show the built-in HTML editor in Moodle.

Before You Begin

If you want some basic information about using a web browser (e.g.: Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) please read the following page: net.TUTOR - Getting Started on the Web

Configure Pop-up Windows

Some Moodle courses use pop-up windows, so you will need to disable pop-up blockers in your browser. See instructions for disabling pop-up blockers for your browser below:

Mozilla Firefox

  • Go to "Tools", and then "Options"
  • Click "Content" tab
  • If " Block pop-up windows" is checked, then click the "Exceptions" button near it.
  • Type: "moodle.vcc.ca"
  • Click "Allow", then click "Close", then click "OK"

Internet Explorer Popup Blocker

  • Go to "Tools", and then select "Popup Blocker". At this point you can either just turn the pop-up blocker off, or continue with the settings below.
  • Select "Popup Blocker Settings"
  • For "Address of Web site to allow", type "moodle.vcc.ca"
  • Click the "Add" button
  • Click the "Close" button
  • Close and restart Internet Explorer

Yahoo! Toolbar

  • Go to your Moodle course
  • Click the "Yahoo! Toolbar Pop-Up Blocker" button
  • Click "Always Allow Pop-Up From..."
  • Click "moodle.vcc.ca"
  • Click the "Allow" button.

Google Toolbar

  • Go to your Moodle course
  • Once you have entered the course, in the Google Toolbar click the button that shows the number of pop-ups that have been blocked. The button will now say "Popups okay".