Moodle 2 Upgrade Documentation

Closing an existing course, with view-only access for students

After performing the following steps your students will be able to view course content but will no longer be able to access activities such as communication tools, assignments, quizzes, profiles, etc.

Backing up your course

  1. In your course page, go to Settings > Backup
  2. Under Backup settings, select all except Anonymize user information
    Initial Course Backup screen
  3. Select Next, Next again, then Perform backup, then Continue

Change role of students to restrict student activity

  1. Select Settings > Users > Enrolled users, and then select the (+) icon, and add the role Guest 2 to each of the students
    Enrolled Users
  2. Select the delete icon (-) to remove the Student role from each student
  3. Move the course to your Archive sub-category: Contact dlsupport @ vcc.ca with the URL of your course and request it be moved to your Archive sub-category.
Last Updated: May 30, 2012