Moodle 2 Upgrade Documentation

Drop-down Menu Cleanup

The Add a resource drop-down menu is now simpler, with clearer terms:

  • URL and File replace: Link to a file or website
  • Folder replaces: Display a directory
  • Page replaces by combining: Compose a text page and Compose a webpage

The following video illustrates changes to uploading a file to your course page. Particularly, use of the File picker but also different display options now available.

Video: Moodle 2.0 Adding Resource - File [4:32] courtesy of

Note that if you replace one file with another as shown in the video, the original file remains in your Server files.

Also, note that if you click to update/edit the file a Settings block appears giving you options to manage the resource. Before these options were displayed in tabs.

See Moodle documentation for this topic...

Last Updated: May 30, 2012