Banner / Moodle Enrolment Option

This option allows for students who are registered to take your course to be automatically enrolled into your Moodle course shell.
This process is recommended for use by entire programs, however individual courses can also be setup this way.

This system makes three attempts to enroll students for each offering:

The goal is to enroll early and late registrants and to avoid having to manually enroll students.

Even though enrolling students is automated, the Dean/Department Leader must first complete the following to enable this process:

  1. Ensure that the CRN Report for the course/courses identify the attendance method "LM".
  2. Submit the completed list to academicscheduling @ at least one month prior to the first start date.
    They will ensure that Banner is updated to recognize the updated CRN Report.
  3. At least one month prior to the first start date, submit the completed list to the CID at dlsupport @ and they will prepare your courses to accept the enrolments.


Last Updated: December 17, 2012