Reusing an existing course for a new class / cohort

Edit the course start date and unhide the course

  1. While logged into your course, select Settings > Course Administration > Edit settings
  2. Locate General > Course start date and set the correct date for your course:

    (Note that this setting has no effect on students ability to access the course.)
  3. If you are using the groups feature in your course select Groups > Separate groups or Visible groups as appropriate

    (Contact dlsupport @ for help setting up groups or cohorts)
  4. In General, select the Show option.

    (Note that once you have students enrolled in your course they will be able to enter it now so you may wish to wait until the actual start date to make this change)
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save changes

Setting up Student Enrolment Options

If not already done, select Settings > Course administration > Users > Enrolment methods.
Select Choose to pick one of the following methods:

Accept the settings on the following screen, and select the Add method button:

Manual enrolments:

Allows you to enroll your students manually

Self enrolment:

Allows you to set an enrolment key (or multiple keys if groups are used) to enable students with the key to enroll themselves in your course

Provide access instructions to students

Instructors are responsible for granting their students access to their courses. To ensure trouble-free access, complete the appropriate template below and distribute it to your students:


Last Updated: December 04, 2013