Changing Email Notifications

Part 1 - To Receive or Limit Notification Emails:

1. In your main course page, click on your name next to the “Logout” link
at the top of the screen, or anywhere else that your name appears as a

2. Click the “Edit profile” tab.

3. Click the “Show Advanced” button in the right hand corner of the edit
profile frame. If you see the button “Hide Advanced”, skip this step.

4. Change “Email Format” option from “Pretty HTML format” to “Plain
text” if you don’t want to receive graphics.

5. Change “Email digest type” to “subjects” if you wish to receive one
email per day with only the subjects of the posts from forums in which
you’re subscribed. (Described in the next section.) The other two
options will give you single emails from all discussions or full posts.

6. Change “Forum autosubscribe” to “No...” if you don't want to receive
emails when you post to forums. Keep it “Yes” if you want to know
when someone has responded to your post. Some forums may require
you to subscribe, but you can limit the type of emails you receive by
following the steps in the next section.

7. Change “Forum Tracking” to “Yes…” if you want Moodle to keep track of
all unread posts.

8. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the “Update Profile” button.

Part 2 - To Change Subscription Settings:

Warning: Before beginning the steps below, make sure you’ve read every post
you want to read. Moodle will assume that you haven’t read any previous posts
and will flag every post as “unread”. (This could mean dozens of posts.) Follow
step 2 to fix them.

1. Go to your main course page and click the “Forums” link in the
“Activities” block usually found on the left-hand side of your course.

2. Select the first forum. If you chose “Forum Tracking” in your profile,
you’ll see columns with the headings of “Unread Posts”, “Track” and
Subscribed”. If you said “no” to tracking in your profile, you’ll only see
the “Subscribed” column. You can always go back to your profile and
change this option. Please note: You cannot change options in Forums
that force you to subscribe.

3. In the “Track” column, say “Yes” to forums if you want Moodle to keep
track of unread forum posts for you. (This will only affect the forums to
which you say “Yes”.) As soon as you say “Yes”, the “Unread Posts”
column will contain a number and a checkmark. This number is the
number of posts you haven’t read. Because this is your first time setting
this feature, Moodle assumes you haven’t read any posts. Just click the
checkmark in each forum to mark all posts as read so you can start
fresh. From this moment onwards, the numbers will be accurate and
appear both in the Forums page you’re on right now, and next to each
Forum on the main course page.

4. In the “Subscribed” column, say “No” if you don’t want to receive any
posts from those forums. For any forums that you say “Yes” to, you are
considered “subscribed”, and will receive emails in the digest type you
specified in your profile. You can always go back to your profile and
choose a different email digest type.

Part 3 - To Prevent Moodle Messages from being emailed to you:

1. Click on your name next to the “Logout” link at the top of the screen, or
anywhere else that your name appears as a link.

2. Select the “Messages” button below your profile window.

3. Select the “Settings” tab.

4. Deselect the “Email messages when I am offline” checkbox.

5. Select the “Save my settings” button.