Creating Links to Existing Files in a Course

These instructions assume that you have already created a resource and now just have to link to it. The key here is to make sure you know the name of the file you need to link to, and its location.

Follow these steps to create links to existing documents in your course:

1. Log into your course and select “Turn editing on” which is found near the top right corner of your course. (See example below).

editting on

2. Locate the resource that you want to link to. (See the example in the image below.)
Select the edit icon next to that item.

edit link

3. The following screen will appear. Select “Choose or upload a file…”. 

choose a file

4. You need to know the general location of the file. The file you need may be located several levels below the root directory. Once you reach the last location where the file is stored, you just need to select the “Choose” link that is associated with the file name (D). 

select a file

5. The name will now appear in the location box marked by the first red oval. Be sure to save your changes by selecting the button indicated by the second red oval. 


6. Follow steps 1 through 5 for each link you wish to add.