Moodle Support:
How to set an Enrolment Key for your course(s)

This document provides an overview of enrolment keys and how to use them.

Your Moodle course can be given an enrolment key which acts as a password to your course.  By providing your students with the enrolment key, you control access to your virtual classroom and give students one-time permission to self-enrol in their course(s).

Once enrolled, students never need to use the key again, and you can change the key at any time to prevent unauthorized access. We recommend that you change the key once all your students are enrolled.

Setting an Enrolment Key

To set an enrolment key, please follow these steps for each of your courses:

Settings Block
  1. From the main page of your course, select “Users” in the Settings block. (The Settings block is usually found somewhere in the left sidebar of your course page).
  2. Select the Enrolment methods sub-menu.
  3. Select the Self enrolment (Student)
  4. Ensure that the "allow self enrolments" option is set to Yes. If not, use the drop-down menu to change it.
  5. Enter your key in the Enrolment key field. TIP: Checking the Unmask field to the right of the field will allow you to see what you're typing or see the existing enrolment key.
  6. If you want your students to receive a welcome email, check the "Send course welcome message." You can customize the message they receive, if you want to.
  7. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and SAVE the changes.

IMPORTANT TIP: It's advisable to leave the Enrolment duration field and the Start date and End date fields disabled. The use of these fields can lead to unexpected loss of access by your students. Contact elsupport@vcc.ca if you would like information on how to use these fields correctly

Your settings should look similar to those pictured below:

Self-enrolment Settings

Using the Key

  1. Contact your students and give them the enrolment key along with information on how to log into their course(s). We recommend you use the Online Course Access Form, and that you contact your students via their VCC Student E-mail address (see below).
  2. On the start date, check to ensure that all of your students have enrolled themselves.

Using an Enrolment Key to Place Students into Groups

You can create groups and assign separate enrolment keys to groupings in your course(s).  When you give students the key to their group, they can use it to automatically enrol into the course, and into their grouping(s).  Please note:  If you use this option, all enrolment keys need to be unique and although you still need a course enrolment key, it is not necessary to give it to anyone. 
Email dlsupport @ vcc.ca if you wish to find out more about this option.

Contacting Students via Student E-mail

Student e-mail is encouraged since it is a default for College-wide messages (including Moodle), and students can forward college email to their personal email account(s).  Personal email is often not known at the time a student registers, so the VCC email address is very easy for instructors to use since it’s usually an alias in the format firstname.lastname@student.vcc.ca.  Please note, if students share duplicate names, this format won’t apply.  It is therefore recommended that instructors consult Banner or contact the Registrar’s office for the correct student email addresses.