Selecting a new Moodle course shell or template

Prior to developing your Moodle course you must choose between four options which shell you would like to begin with, not unlike an artist chosing a canvas. The four options include:

Blank shell - A blank shell is just that - a blank page to which you build your course from scratch. A Discussion Forum is the only activity or resource that exists in a blanks shell.

Copy of an existing Moodle course- An existing course already contains content and formatting you wish to reuse.

Long template - A long template includes standard content as a foundation for your course. Carefully formatted sample information provided has been carefully assembled to address issues common to distributed learning. The long template includes general information as well as formatted modules for 10 units of instruction however units can be added or removed as required.

Click here to view the Long template (Enrolment key is 'template')
Click here to view the template Readme document.

Short Template - Ashort template includes all of the general information as the long template does, however it does not provide any pre-formatted instructional units.

Click here to view the Short Template (Enrolment key is 'template')