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Minimum computer requirements for VCC's Moodle environment

This page will check your browser to ensure it meets minimum requirements for VCC's Moodle and environment. Please note that some courses may have additional requirements depending on the types of files used. Once your computer meets these requirement be sure to proceed to the next section if you have issues opening files in your course.

Please note that there can be display and funtional issues if you are using the Internet Explorer browser. To ensure the best Moodle experience, make sure you are using the latest FIREFOX or CHROME browser.

Possible Requirements for your course

The following is a series of file formats commonly used in the Moodle environment. If you have trouble viewing files in your course, follow the steps below to ensure that your computer can handle these additional formats. If you have trouble managing other files in your course, refer to the bottom of this page, where you can select links to install additional plugins and applications.

Adobe Acrobat - Ensure you can view Adobe Acrobat files

Click here to see if you can open, view and print the Adobe (.pdf) document.

if you can, proceed to Step. 2

if not, download the latest free Adobe Reader plugin: Windows or Mac

QuickTime Video - Ensure you are able to run QuickTime video

Click here to see if you can play a QuickTime video

if you can, proceed to step. 4

if not, download and install a free QuickTime Media player: Windows or Mac

Windows Media files - Ensure that you are able to play Windows Media files

Click here to see if you can download and play a Windows Media video

if you can, you are ready to continue.

if not, download and install the free Windows Media player: Windows or Mac

Additional Free Downloads (if required)
Shockwave Player Windows or Mac
RealPlayer Windows | Mac
PowerPoint Viewer Windows | Mac
MS Office file converters and viewers for Windows (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Project and Visio) Windows
Microsoft Word 97, 98, and 2000 Converter (for Mac) Mac
Open Office (free alternative to MS Office) Windows or Mac


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