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Below are answers to the most commonly-asked questions from students about VCC's Moodle environment. Please read them before contacting your instructor.

How To




How To

How do I gain access to a course?

First, you must find the course you want to access. Search for your course using the Search courses box, located near the bottom of the 'My Courses' page (see image below). Enter the full course name, or a keyword in the name (example: 1200 Pharmacology), and click on the Go button.

search courses

If you are not able to locate your course, contact your instructor. (Note: Many courses are not available until the official start date.)

Once you've found your course in the list, click its link to access it. If you are not yet enrolled in the course, Moodle will ask you to enter an Enrollment key. If your instructor has given you an enrollment key, enter it when prompted, and click Enroll me in this course.

This is only required the first time you access a course - once you are enrolled in a course, the link to it will automatically appear in the My courses page. If you have not received an enrolment key, you should contact your instructor.

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How do I get back to the home page for my course?

Use the "breadcrumbs" navigation bar located across the top of the page.
Click on the Home link to return to your list of courses.


I am enrolled in more than one course. Can I jump back and forth between them?

Yes. In the 'Navigation' block, you'll see a link called 'My Courses'. The block can usually be found on the left side of a course page (unless your instructor has removed it).

my courses block

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Is there a way to track unread posts in Moodle?

Yes. You can set forum tracking in your user profile, as long as the teacher has enabled that option in the forum settings. (For more information, see "How to update your personal profile".)

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Can I forward my VCC email to another email address?

Yes. Actually, you can "redirect" it, which keeps the original sender in the "from:" field, unlike forwarding, which would change the "from:" field to your VCC email address.

Video instructions on how to redirect your VCC student email to your personal account can be found here.

Note: It's important that you regularly visit your VCC email inbox to ensure that it does not fill up. If it fills up, you will no longer receive any messages!

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How do I contact my instructor?

Usually, if you have a question about your course, you should post your question in the course forum so that other students can benefit from it. Chances are you aren't the only one with the same question. (Check with your Instructor to find out the preferred method of communication.)

If you need to reach your instructor with a personal message, use whatever method your instructor has indicated as his or her preferred method. It may be phone, external email or the eMail list within your course.

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Why can't I log in?

Are you sure you're entering your user name and password correctly?

Your user name is your student number.
Your default password, if you have not yet changed it, is your birth date (mmddyyyy)

If you have already changed it, remember that passwords are case-sensitive and must be entered using the correct upper and lower case characters.

Are you trying to access your course directly from a bookmark or link? Try logging in from the 'Online Courses' link on the my.vcc.ca web page to see if that works.


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Where have all of the weeks / topics gone?

You have probably clicked on the icon located at the top-right corner of each week/topic.

collapsed topics

To reveal all of the other weeks / topics, you need to click on the icon again.

collapsed topics

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Why doesn't a page open when I click on a link?

Your course may contain proprietary files which require applications like MS Word, PowerPoint or Adobe Acrobat, etc.
Propprietary applications

If you select a proprietary file, a dialog box may appear, asking if you wish to open or save the file.

Dialogue boxes (PC and Mac

If you choose to open the file, the program used to save the file (such as MS-Word), will be required to open it. If you do not have the application installed on your computer, the program will suggest the next closest option. Click here to download some free alternatives...

If you prefer to Save the file to your computer, select Save and select where you wish to place the file.

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Why am I not getting email sent to me by my fellow students or my teacher?

There are two ways of sending email from within Moodle: Messages and Quickmail. One, both or neither of these options may be available from your course, depending on how your instructor has set it up.

eMail vs Quickmail

Messages is Moodle's internal messaging system, sent and received within the Moodle environment. It's similar to an instant messaging service, allowing you to send or receive private messages from specified contacts who are also VCC Moodle users. You can exchange Messages with your Teacher or with other students.

You can read and send messages by clicking on My Home >> My Profile >> Messages (e.g. from your "My Home" page, or your profile page).

Quickmail will send an email to an external email address (that is, outside of Moodle). In the case of students and most instructors, that will be a VCC email address. The reply to address of that email will be the sender's external address, so any replies will remain external and there will never be any notification of replies sent to your Moodle email Inbox.

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My issue isn't listed here. How do I get help?

Any technical issues you experience while using Moodle should be brought to your instructor's attention. Before contacting your instructor, make sure that you have tested your computer to see if it is optimized for Moodle. When you contact your instructor, please be sure to include as much detail as possible.

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I already have a personal email account.
Why do I need to use my VCC Student Email account?

Your VCC Student E-mail account is an official communications channel for the college to reach students with updates and information. You may forward your VCC student e-mail to your own personal e-mail so that you donít miss any messages from the college. To help keep you safe, your VCC student e-mail account is protected by spam filters and anti-virus software.

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